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Download e-book for kindle: 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by Tony Mott

By Tony Mott

ISBN-10: 1844036812

ISBN-13: 9781844036813

In fewer than fifty years games became some of the most renowned kinds of leisure, yet that are the simplest video games, those you want to play? game specialist Tony Mott provides 1001 of the simplest games from worldwide and on all codecs, from primitive pioneering consoles like Atari's VCS to modern day domestic leisure systems resembling Sony's PlayStation three. every one access contains an illustrated screenshot of the sport in motion, besides info of its unique liberate date and platform, with informative and authoritative textual content outlining its play mechanics, creative traits, contributions to its respective style, and extra. From "Donkey Kong" to "Doom", and from "Frogger" to "Final Fantasy", "1001 games you need to Play ahead of You Die" is the basic consultant to every little thing from the previous favorites to these breaking new flooring. those are the video games that are supposed to no longer be overlooked.

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