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So, set yourself a limit of no more than two weeks for this phase of the cycle. Thi s will suffice for now. You can (and should) always go ba ck and add things to your lists later -- it does not have to be absolutely perfect on the first round. Which brings me to the subject of the endless nature of this cycle of introspection/self-change. This is truly a life-long habit for the true magician. Over my time at t his work, I have constructed three such mirrors of the soul, 49 each separated by a few years.

Their form is symbolic as is true of any astral form. Thus the form in which they are perceived varies from culture to culture. The European cu ltures generally view them as Salamanders, Sylphs, Undines and Gno mes, b ut, for ex ample, an aboriginal Af rican culture might perceive them dressed in an entirely different form. 35 We humans perceive astral beings differently since we each process our perceptions through different minds. But this does not negate their reality as beings which have an existence separate from o ur individual minds.

Three of th ese po les (the predominantly Electric Fire Elem ent, the predominantly Magnetic Water Element, and the equally balanced ElectroMagnetism of the Air Element) combine and their interaction causes the Earth Element. Some say that the Earth Element is not a proper Elem ent per s e, but is the interaction of the three "true" Elements of Fire, Air and Water. Th is is only partially true. I t IS the in teraction of t hree Elements, but the fact that these Ele ments are dy namic and therefore i nteract when i n com bination, results in t he creation of an entirely ne w f actor - - the com bination e nds up equaling more than the sum of its parts.

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