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By Denise Alvarado

ISBN-10: 1442119276

ISBN-13: 9781442119277

Creole Voodoo, a distinct mixture of African, Haitian, local American, Catholic, spiritualist, and eu folks magic traditions, welcomes the uninitiated. inside of are whole directions for developing altars for every of the Seven African Powers, together with find out how to petition the orishas, in addition to a few useful spells. This consultant is written for those who are usually not initiated into any particular Voodoo culture, yet want to reap the benefits of realizing and training age-old real Voodoo rituals. the writer, born and raised within the Voodoo wealthy tradition of recent Orleans, has written this publication from the viewpoint of Creole Voodoo, for which there aren't any formal initiation rites. this can be the revised variation, and comprises two times the knowledge because the first version. Plus, there's an additional bankruptcy on operating Magick with the Seven African Powers and an extra 12 spells and rituals. This ebook is richly illustrated by means of the writer, who's famous for her specific conjure paintings sort, and whose paintings has been celebrated in numerous books and on nationwide Geographic's Taboo.

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Do not stay in the bath for longer than 30 minutes, and do not use any soap or oil when taking the bath. To take a Golden bath you will need: • Chamomile • Calendula flowers • Yellow Rose petals • Yellow food color • Yellow candle • Honey Light the yellow candle. Place the other items in a tub of warm water. Drizzle the honey over your head down to your toes.

Dress in white. Gather up all the seed stuffs from the bath and the candle and discard at a crossroads. You can take three pieces of candy as well, rub them over your body, and discard at a crossroads. Thank Legba for attending to your requests. 27 Serving the Seven African Powers Photo: 2 Papa Legba Voodoo Altar Doll, Denise Alvarado, 2009. 28 CHAPTER 6: Obàtálá, Androgynous Sky King of the White Cloth "May your life be as clear as water drawn quite early in the morning" A blessing of Obatala per Bolaji E.

For protection of ancestral spirits, Oyá has you covered. Oyá is the Goddess of the Niger River, and the orisha of wind, lightning, fertility, fire and magic. She creates hurricanes and tornadoes and carries the spirits of the dead to the underworld. This is why she is closely associated with cemeteries. Her full name is Oyá-Yansan, which means "mother of nine" (for the nine tributaries of the Niger River). She was originally married to Ogun and borrowed his tools, which became part of her arsenal.

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