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By Marshall B. Gardner

"Marshall B. Gardner, a hollow-earth proponent, released the 1st version of this ebook in 1913, after Peary reached the North Pole in 1909. Gardner hence had a miles more durable task than William Reed; that's, overcoming the general public belief that the poles have been reached.

Gardner's e-book is in many ways more desirable to different books during this style. He makes an attempt to return up with a systematic speculation to provide an explanation for the formation of hole planets, rather than divine fiat or no rationalization in any respect. he's additionally much more readable. the most stress-free elements of this booklet is Gardner's myth account of a trip into the inner of the hole earth, which, whereas less than the criteria of Jules Verne, turns out nearly believable if you happen to can droop your disbelief temporarily.

Naturally, loads of the booklet comprises narratives of arctic explorers (covering a few of comparable fabric as Reed). The e-book marshals loads of anomalous polar proof, reminiscent of attested hot areas close to the poles, purple airborne dirt and dust, unusual auroras etc. final yet no longer least are these terrible flash-frozen Siberian mammoths, who appear to crop up with such regularity within the crank literature,--probably simply because conventional clinical reasons in their death constantly sound so fishy whilst quoted out of context.

There is a protracted part on the finish the place he offers with the reaction to the 1st variation of his ebook, together with an opponent who increases a conception of a prehistoric ninety measure polar shift to account for the various related proof! in contrast, a hole earth would certainly be extra plausible.

Although Gardner does not assault the clinical procedure or easy actual legislation, as different substitute earth theorists do, maybe he must have. in response to conventional physics, within a hole earth-sized sphere there will be 0 gravity; and centrifugal strength brought on by the earth's rotation will be inadequate to maintain issues contained in the hole earth from floating away, both. understanding the maths of a celeb sufficiently small to slot contained in the earth, no longer too scorching to fry the internal floor, and never too dense to show right into a black gap is 'left as an exercise.' The fascinating proposal of denizens of the hole earth going approximately their company lit through a never-setting mini-sun is just a fantasy." (Quote from sacred-texts.com)

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; Preface; Introductory; The Nebula And Its Evolution; Mars; Early Polar Exploration; extra Arctic Exploration; Greely's Explorations; Nordenskiold's Voyages; With Nansen within the North; was once The North Pole Discovered?; Congressional critiques On Peary And prepare dinner; The colossal; The lifetime of The Arctic; different fascinating Animals Of the inner; The Aurora; The Eskimo; facts within the Antarctic; the adventure To The Earth's inside; The Formation Of The Earth; How Our concept Differs From That Of Symmes; The Moon And Our thought; A be aware On Gravitation; How Our conception Has Been bought; Our Controversy With Dominian; Our kingdom And Our idea; In end; Bibliography

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Forgotten Books is a writer of historic writings, resembling: Philosophy, Classics, technology, faith, Esoteric and Mythology. www.forgottenbooks.org

Forgotten Books is ready sharing details, no longer approximately making a living. All books are priced at wholesale costs. we're additionally the one writer we all know of to print in huge sans-serif font, that's confirmed to make the textual content more straightforward to learn and positioned much less pressure in your eyes.

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If the surface of Mercury were glowing with the light thus supposed to have been seen, then it can readily be shown that over hundreds of thousands of square miles, that surface must glow with an intensity of lustre compared with which the brightness of the lime-light would be as darkness. In fact, the lime-light is absolute blackness compared with the intrinsic lustre of the sun's surface; and the bright spot supposed to belong to Mercury has been seen when the strongest darkening-glasses (or other arrangements for reducing the sun's light) have been employed.

Douglass, who detected "rifts" in the cap--which sounds suspiciously as if this observer has seen clouds in the interior of the planet passing across the face of the polar opening. And Lowell adds, "On June 13 I noticed that behind the bright points the snow (he calls it) fell off shaded to this rift" which again sounds as if clouds were gathering near the bright spots. He continues: "Bright spots continued to be seen at various points to the westward round the cap. . . " The last sentence surely suggests that cloud formations were coming into the field of view and that wherever they thinned the bright spots from the central sun could be seen between them.

Henkel's summary: "The distance of Venus from the sun is only about three-quarters that of the earth, or about 67,000,000 miles, so that any area of its surface must receive about twice the amount of light and heat that an p. " Polar snows in a sun-drenched planet? That seems curious, and we begin to inquire what other astronomers have to say in the matter. Not only does H. W. Warren, in his "Recreations in Astronomy," speak of the fact that the tropic zones of Venus extend nearly to the poles--on account of the great inclination of the axis of the planet's rotation--but a later authority, E.

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