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Al Jinn by Ahmed H. Sakr PDF

By Ahmed H. Sakr

ISBN-10: 0911119957

ISBN-13: 9780911119954

ISBN-10: 8172312903

ISBN-13: 9788172312909

Contains: Qur'an on Jinns, terminology, Adam and Ibliss, Curse on Ibliss, Shaitan's Biography, Animosity of Shaitan to guy, production of Shaitan, actions of Shaitan, can provide of Shaitan, partners of Shaitan, Tribe of Ibliss, social gathering of Shaitan, military of Shaitan, Jinns and Magic defense from Shaitan, and extra.

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The demonic deceptions explanation of reincarnation: 4. The psychic phenomenon explanation of reincarnation: CHAPTER 14: EVOLUTION IN THE BIBLE 1. The purpose of this chapter: 2. 1 Translation vs. 2 Changes in humanity: 3. 2 The unknown: 4. Genetic experimentation: 5. The great deception: A LAST WORD (THE GRAND CONCLUSION) PART I INTRODUCTION This book is for individuals interested in topics of supernatural origin. It should appeal to both Christians, as well as readers of metaphysical, or otherwise classified New Age literature.

I was now chastising him. “It’s the size of a soccer ball! ” Corp. Stenger scratched his head. ” he quizzed, wondering now what my response would be. ” I was still wearing my AN/PVS-7s, (night-vision goggles), so I turned them on, and looked up to where I saw the ball of light flash last. I could see nothing. I lowered the goggles and stared at Corp. Stenger. “We have nothing that could do this. A laser shoots a strait beam of light, and needs an uninterrupted space in which to project. This thing is down in the trees, traveling around like a small probe, and is a ball of light.

1 Were there worlds with civilizations before Adam and Eve were created? 2 A modern perspective of the big picture: CHAPTER 10: THE REALMS OF HELL 1. 8 The journey of a lost soul: 2. Propaganda City: PART IV (PHENOMENON) CHAPTER 11: ASTRAL PROJECTION IN THE BIBLE 1. Reaching to the heavens? 2. Literally reaching to the heavens - by spiritual means: 3. Demonic deception: 4. The implications of astral projection: 5. Why did God intervene at the Tower of Babel? 6. The link between sorcery and the Tower of Babel: 7.

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