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Alpha Force: Desert Pursuit by Chris Ryan PDF

By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049941

ISBN-13: 9781407049946

Alpha strength desolate tract Pursuit

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They had been travelling for a good ten hours and his muscles were aching from the effort of keeping the quad on a steady course over the uneven ground, but the South American handled his machine with a casual ease, as though it were a part of him. As he watched Paulo roar ahead, Alex clenched his jaw at the thought of coaxing even more speed out of his quad. Night-driving in the Sahara was tough on the nerves. The moonlight cast harsh, black shadows which played tricks with perspective. A shallow rut in the sand could look like a deep crevasse, but an axle-breaking trench might not show up until the last second.

Hex busied himself connecting his palmtop to the Net and retrieving his file of the unlisted e-mail addresses of most of the top news programme editors. He smiled as he scanned the list. That had been a worthwhile few hours of hacking. Hex looked up as the hospital doors creaked open. Philippe, the head of the daria and the three boys came out, their faces etched with the horror of what they had just seen. The parents remained inside. Philippe walked over to Hex and handed him the camcorder. ‘They say yes,’ he said gruffly.

Called Li over her shoulder. ‘Outside,’ shouted Hex, putting a protective hand over his palmtop as Alex and Amber caught up and cut across their path, sending a stinging spray of pebbly grit into the air. ’ Alex took up his original position on Paulo’s left flank and Alpha Force continued on their way, speeding through the night, racing to beat the sun. Ahead of them loomed the black silhouettes of the dunes, their mission destination. TWO The dune towered above Alpha Force as they stood in a tired huddle, stretching their aching muscles.

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Alpha Force: Desert Pursuit by Chris Ryan

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