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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049801

ISBN-13: 9781407049809

Alpha strength Hostage

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Amber stopped struggling to get away and prayed for a quick death, but the pain of ripping claws and crushing jaws never came. Instead, the bear jerked sideways as Hex came up on its blind side and rammed into its ribcage with his underwater scooter. The bear tumbled away through the water with great bubbles of air exploding from its jaws and Hex went tumbling the other way, hanging grimly on to his scooter. He knew the machine was their only chance of escape. As soon as he could, he righted himself and pressed the buttons on the handle of the scooter, hoping the machine had not been too badly damaged by the impact.

Alex suddenly turned and slammed open the door to the living quarters of the buggy. He had remembered the tranquillizer gun hanging on the wall inside. Seconds later, he skidded out on to the platform again, carrying a long, slim rifle with a telescopic sight. A tranquillizer dart was already in place in the barrel. Alex steadied his arm against the handrail and took aim. He got the bear in his sights but Amber and Hex were directly between him and his target. He could not get a clear shot. ' yelled Paulo.

Come along,' he said. ' The man was very strong. Within a few minutes, despite all her struggles, he had bundled her into her outdoor clothes and was forcing her down the ladder ahead of him. She reached the ground and started to run, but he was on her within two steps. ' he asked, turning her to face the line of snowmobiles and loaded trailers that were waiting for Alpha Force to return. ' cried Papaluk. ' 'Not for a few days,' said Papaluk hastily, but she could not help glancing along the shore to make sure there was no sign of an approaching tundra buggy.

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