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New PDF release: American History Through Literature 1870-1920, Volume 2

By Tom Quirk

ISBN-10: 0684314665

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Within the spring, the Agora archaeological park turns into a safeguard for wild roses, cyclamens, asphodels, and crocuses. bushes color the pathways, and the floor is roofed in anemones and daisies. lots of those vegetation are wild, yet a few have been intentionally brought to Athens in Classical occasions. proof for established old gardens has been came across from the Temple of Hephaistos, whereas old writers describe the numerous makes use of vegetation will be placed to.

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With the growth of consumer culture in the Progressive Era, however, came a shift in ways of thinking about the economies of both money and the body. New theories of mental and physical health posited that saved energy would simply be wasted, and that the way to generate energy was precisely to spend it. T. J. Jackson Lears calls this new faith in abundance, which replaced the model of scarcity, America’s “therapeutic worldview”: people were encouraged to achieve health and success by spending their resources and thereby generating more.

Controversies over the function of literary realism still bring readers back to Hazard as well, although the terms of the debate are constantly changing. Realism, as Howells conceived it, should be honest, enlightening, and transformative. As Conrad Dryfoos says to Basil March, “If you can make the comfortable people understand how the uncomfortable people live, it will be a very good thing” (p. 147). This view of realism stresses its use as a tool, its moral superiority to romance illusions, and its potential for creating documentary knowledge and political insight.

But others have been better historians as well as better friends of the victims of Manifest Destiny. Based on a Michigan family’s actual letters and journals, Janet Lewis’s The Invasion (1930) is a moving narrative of racial intermarriage, broken treaties, and gradual extinction of the Algonquin people. Helen Hunt Jackson’s best-seller, Ramona (1884), likewise a novel of interracial love and marriage, is concerned nearly as much with Anglo-American dispossession of Mexican landholders in post–Civil War California as with the plight of the native Californians.

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