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Download PDF by Karl Williams: Amphibionics: Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Reptilian

By Karl Williams

ISBN-10: 0071429212

ISBN-13: 9780071429214

This paintings offers the hobbyist with distinctive mechanical, digital, and PIC microcontroller wisdom had to construct and application a snake, frog, turtle, and alligator robots. It specializes in the development of every robotic intimately, after which explores the realm of slithering, leaping, swimming, and jogging robots, and the factitious intelligence wanted with those systems.

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1 PCB artwork printed onto transparency film. circuit board that has been printed onto transparency film using an ink-jet printer. After successfully transferring the artwork to a transparency, the following instructions can be used to create a board. A 4- ϫ 6-inch presensitized positive copper board is ideal for all of the projects presented in this book. When you place the transparency on the copper board, it should be oriented exactly as shown in each chapter. Make any sensor boards that go with the particular project at the same time.

The text file that is created must be pure ASCII text. It must not contain any special codes that might be inserted by word processors for their own purposes. You are usually given the option of saving the file as pure DOS or ASCII text by most word processors. 1 provides a good first test for programming a PIC and for testing the frog robot controller board when it is built in Chapter 4. com, and follow the links for book software. 1. EXE file is located. bas program listing (continued) pulsout servo_l,servo_pos_l pause 6 next timer2 return right_servo for timer3 = 1 to 10 pulsout servo_r,servo_pos_r pause 6 next timer3 return end Once you are satisfied that the program you have written will work flawlessly, you can execute the PicBasic Pro Compiler by entering PBP, followed by the name of your text file at a DOS prompt.

LOOKDOWN2 Search constant/variable table for value. LOOKUP Fetch constant value from table. LOOKUP2 Fetch constant/variable value from table. LOW Make pin output low. NAP Power down processor for short period of time. 2 Statement Description PicBasic Pro Statement Reference (continued) ON DEBUG Execute BASIC debug monitor. ON INTERRUPT Execute BASIC subroutine on an interrupt. OUTPUT Make pin an output. PAUSE Delay (1mSec resolution). PAUSEUS Delay (1uSec resolution). PEEK Read byte from register.

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Amphibionics: Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Reptilian Robot by Karl Williams

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